Negotiation Training

"Great Negotiators are made, not born."


Get equipped with the best tips and tools for effective preparation and smart negotiation planning

Effective Communication

Active listening, careful framing, smart questioning, efficient summarizing – you will feel the difference


Prepare, plan, perform and evaluate negotiations with your team in a real world scenario - immediate results guaranteed

How do negotiation skills translate into client satisfaction?

As nuances of legal work become more complex and the legal market becomes more competitive, client relationships play a pivotal role. Client satisfaction is no longer based on results only. Process matters. Client focused communication and advocacy proves to become the number one criteria for client satisfaction. My workshops focus on how the concept of interest-based negotiation can be integrated into your daily work and how it gives you an essential advantage over competitors in achieving higher client satisfaction with a client-interest-based approach.

At the end of the day my participants go home with

  • A toolbox of negotiation skills, tactics and tools based on scientific research and experience
  • A new awareness for how communication and negotiation influences client satisfaction
  • Practical experience in applying the skills and tools of the most effective negotiators

Workshop Formats

Practical, intense, results-based

Extensive simulations and case studies involving roles as clients and counsel provide participants with the opportunity to have immediate real-life application, probing and development of their skills. 360° feedback helps you evaluate and accelerate your performance as a negotiator.

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In house training

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Negotiation skills crucial for all levels of your daily legal work; powerful, hands-on, concrete.

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Team training

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Get your team together and strengthen team spirit and negotiation techniques with an engaging and inspiring negotiation day focusing on the individual challenges of your team.

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Associate spirit

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Get your young attorneys off to an effective start in your hyper- competitive environment, teaching them the negotiation skills that will help them think and act in a way that gets clients the best deals.

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Client Workshops

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A business development tool for your best customers, entertaining, impactful, memorable.

People I often work with

  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Public Prosecutors
  • Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Managers

Institutions I worked with

Barger Prekop s.r.o., Binder Grösswang GmbH, Haslinger Nagele Partner GmbH, Hofstra Law School, International Bar Association (IBA), New York City Bar Association, New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC), New York Peace Institute, NYU Law School, Pioneers Festival, Rotary, University of Amsterdam, University of Linz, University of Mekelle (Ethiopia), The Trusted Negotiator (TTN Australia), Wardynski & Partners sp.k