In small, individualized workshops your team will get a personal overview of how to rethink communication with your clients. We explore the most critical communication skills, typical personal patterns and pitfalls and the daily challenges of conveying information concisely while keeping the focus on our client’s interests.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching allows us to look at your very own communication patterns and work on your specific goals and challenges in talking to clients, colleagues or larger groups. Building on your real-life experience we work together with video analysis, exercises and constant personal feedback so you will quickly see improvements in communicating effectively, eloquently and confidently.

Did you ever have to look for a lawyer?

As an in-house counsel I have learned the crucial meaning of how a lawyer communicates from personal experience.
Looking for an outside counsel, in 8 of 10 first meetings I left their office dissatisfied, feeling unsure whether (s)he really understood my concerns.

Monologues, endless anecdotes, unstructured conversations, irrelevant information and a lack of listening are just some of the commonplace customs many lawyers have developed that drive clients crazy – and drive their business somewhere else. Potential new clients turn somewhere else quickly - and you will never learn what happened.

Simple changes in your communication make all the difference

And it could be so easy! Understanding some fundamental principles of effective, client-centered communication quickly and significantly sets you apart from 80% of your competition.

Realizing what influence your way to communicate with clients has on your success and the satisfaction of your clients starts with looking at your own habits. What type of questions do you ask? How well do you listen and focus on your client? What assumptions do you make? What role do you assign to yourself and your client? How do you lead a conversation?

What we can develop together

With the help of video interviews, group trainings and one on one coaching I help you and your team become cognizant of your communication patterns and maximize your communication potential.

Together we work on achieving a maximum of assertiveness AND receptiveness in your professional conversations. Whether you are an experienced counsel looking to polish your representation skills and raising awareness of your communication patterns or have a team of younger attorneys seeking to help them to competently and confidently master professional conversations, the time is now!