Welcome to the World of Legal Negotiations

The complexity of legal negotiations is unparalleled.

Professionals across the legal field are challenged to stay on top of the law as well as excel in the art of negotiation to get the best deals for their clients every day. Client satisfaction has been proven to be directly related to effective communication and a strong focus on client interest. The importance of the process has come en par with the results of legal representation.

In person workshops and consulting for law firms, corporates and conferences

Interactive online negotiation certificate courses, case studies, negotiation role plays, quizzes, forums and more

What leading practitioners say about Claudia

My private, customized workshops
provide a unique in-depth concept of effective negotiation skills

As an actionable tool

  • Make better decisions at the right moment
  • Prepare more effectively
  • Enhance client satisfaction by focusing on process
  • Deal with difficult people

To help you achieve better results

  • Becoming a more effective negotiator & problem solver
  • Maximizing the total value on the table
  • Enhancing your leverage and position
  • Setting clear goals and understanding strategies


A passionate problem solver and people developer I combine my top league legal education with my international business and legal experience to support professionals of my field in getting the most out of their client work ...


The legal field challenges us with unique requirements in everyday negotiations: high stake deals, fierce competition, demanding clients. My workshops are tailored to this challenge...


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